Thursday, 15 November 2012

QCon: Fast Impactful UX Research

Here is another post about the QCon San Francisco 2012 Lean UX track.  This one is about Tomer Sharon's talk on High Quality Impactful Fast UX Research for Engineers.

Here are the slides.

The talk was very interesting and really clarified some concepts about usability analysis/research.  One of the key take away was: "Don't listen to users!  Observe their behaviour."

In less than 50 min, Tomer managed to explain the psychology behind his guiding principles and then discussed three techniques that could be used:
1. High-quality noticeability test
2. Impactful A/B usability study
3. Fast, colourful collaboration tool

I thought all three techniques were very practical and seemed effective.   All in all, I found the presentation's delivery very effective and its content eye-opening.  Good job Tomer!

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